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Opinion-based digital publications compiled from the author's personal experiences, observasions, ideas, etc.


A hwApp (Hybrid web Application) isn't a framework, library, or template - it's a web application that takes advantage of front and back end resources to generate its User Interface, a method know as Hybrid Rendering: Using only server side computing (also known as server side rendering), all relative URLs must be accessible at the initial request (Search Engine Indexable and Linkable) and must not require fragment identifiers (# or !#) to be accessed, unless they're being used to identify a specific part of the URL (site) it's in; if compatible, client caching must be modified to enable basic offline browsing and must be capable of installing to devices' homescreen; and last but not least, if client side technologies are not disabled, every relative URL request made after the initial payload should dynamically update the site without reloading the entire website (also known as client side rendering).
Gustavo GS Islas
Geoally, LLC
Founder & Chief Executive Developer