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Cookie Policy

Last Modified: August 17, 2018


Herein, this policy, "cookie" and "cookies" refer to local storage, session storage, and any other similar technology that helps our products and serivices identify users, users' device, and or users' web browser.

Cookies are small user data text files that get generated, stored, transfered, and used by users' devices and/or their web browsers when they browse through or engage with websites or applications that use them.


With similar methods and objectives to many other, rather well know business entities such as Google, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram, Geoally uses cookies for a wide variety of reasons. Including, but not limited to, protect users' personal data, determine which features are used the most, create more personalized user interfaces, and to just generally provide users with the best experience possible while they're using our products or services.


The cookies we use generally fall into one of the fallowing classifications:




We use these cookies to remember users' personal preferences such as, but not limited to, native or preferred language and geographical location.


We use these cookies for user authentication and any other relative functions that can be used to identify and prevent security risks and threats.


We use these cookies to store and analize users' visits, clicks, and any other relevant data the can be used to understand how users engage with our services or products.


We use these cookies to generate statistics pertaining to all type of user interactions, including, but not limited to, interaction that result from Preference, Security, Session, and Advertising cookies.


We use these cookies to make ads more valuable, engaging, enjoyable, and relevant to publisers, advertisers, and users.


Modern web browsers (or devices settings) may allow users to limit or completely block the use of cookies. However, it is important to note that cookies play an important role in most modern websites. Therefore, be cautious when limiting or blocking the use of cookies. Otherwise, necessary funtionality may be broken or completely disabled.


It is important to know that cookies can be removed at any time by simply deleting or clearing a browser's history and/or website data. Most modern popular browsers have instructions on how to perform such taks in their settings GUI (General User Interface).


The easiest way to avoide our cookies is by simply not using our products and services. However, you also have the option to opt-out from certain Cookies via Your Online Choices - a guide to online behavioural advertising.


If you have any questions relevant to our use of cookies, please talk to us.