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Private Policy

Last Modified: August 17, 2018


Geoally, LLC is a full stack research and development business ally that generates, stores, monitors, and uses data from users that browse or engage with its products or services. Hence, we respect users' right to privacy and consider it a priority.

This policy was written to help users understand why we collect user data, how we collect it, and what we do with it.


We reserve and exercise our absolute right and privilage to monitor how users interact with our products and services.

When users use our products or services, they're automatically exercising their free-will to subconsciously share some data with us. Therefore, we want to be clear and upfront regarding the data we generate, store, monitor, and use.

We intend to make our statements as clear as possible, and free of the legalese that often makes these legal documents hard to understand.


The fallowing items explain and describe the types of information we collect and work with:


The short answer is - we use user data to create better online experiences.

User data helps us create more personalized and modern user interfaces and experiences. It enables us to make advertising more valuable, enjoable and relevant to publishers, adverstiser, and users, it helps us understand how users interact with our products and services, and it helps us build usefull and amazing products and services.


We do not share user data with third parties, including companies, organizations, or individuals outside of Geoally, without users' legal consent or judicial obligation.


We are part of the cloud computing industry - which means that we do not own any physical servers (computers).

We develop, test, and run our products and services from the Google Cloud platform. Hence, users' data may be processed on servers located outside of the country.


We take security seriously.


Geoally reserves and exercises its right to edit and modify these policy at any moment - which we do from time to time.

It is users absolute responsability to constantly review, read, and understand all of our policies and Terms of Use. Nonetheless, the date of the last time these policy was modified is always provided.


If you have any questions relevant to this policy, please talk to us.